Ukraine Garlic Market

I. Overview of Ukraine Garlic
Ukraine was not quite an agrarian country, but today the situation has changed. The global food and energy crisis, the accession to the WTO of Ukraine, the cancellation of restriction on the export of agricultural products, all of these factors open a lot of doors for Ukraine. Over the past few years, the agrarian market of the country is growing steadily. Especially, the production of vegetables and fruits has a certain increase.
The mild climate, fertile soil, irrigation and rainfall make Ukraine have favorable conditions for growing fruits and vegetables. So, Ukraine and foreign investors show more and more interest in this sector. And garlic is one of the vegetables that are preferred to be grown in Ukraine.


II. Status of Garlic in Ukraine Agrarian Market
Over the past ten years, Ukraine became the leading producer of garlic in Eastern Europe. The production of high quality marketable products and planting material has gained an impressive growth, with some new perspective varieties. There are some leading companies having cooperation with scientists, and they have developed new technology of garlic cultivation.
However, garlic market in Ukraine is not yet formed, and it is in its beginning stage. 95% of the main garlic producers are small-scale farmers and households, with an cultivation area below 1 hectare. The cultivation area of garlic in 10 hectares is considered to be major farming business, which requires the employment of specialized harvesters and other equipment. At the same time, domestic garlic production does not cover the demand, in 2014, according to UkrGosstat (State Statistic Service of Ukraine), Ukraine had imported more than 4,000 tons of fresh garlic from China. Most of the garlic on the shelves of Ukrainian supermarkets is of Asian origin.

III. Imported Garlic of Ukraine
In Ukraine, the demand for garlic is traditionally not satisfied and the country has to import about 10 thousand tons of garlic per year.
There are two kinds of models of garlic accepted by Ukraine: the Chinese model which is grown by small farms and dealt by wholesalers; the Spanish model which is produced by large farms or cooperatives in an industrial production.

IV. Chances for Ukraine to be A World Garlic Supplier
Actually, favorable climate, fertile soil, high-quality planting materials and geographic location allow Ukraine to focus on exports after the satisfying its domestic market needs; at the same time, this country is using the necessary agricultural technologies to develop great varieties of garlic. Garlic production in Ukraine has become significant now. The area planted with this vegetable in Ukraine is over 22 thousand hectares.
Winter Garlic of Ukraine
The most common garlic variety of Ukraine is winter garlic for its high yields, and it covers various sub-varieties, Sophia, Kharkov purple, Prometheus, Spas, Jubilee, Donetsk purple, Ukraine white, etc. The winter garlic has different planting time in different region for optimal production. In the southern and western parts, the right time is the third decade of October; in the north and east parts, the right time is the second decade of September; in the central parts, the right time is the third decade of September-early October.

Ukraine garlic planting and harvesting

Ukraine is on the verge of large-scale integration into the world economy, including the agricultural products. The garlic production in Ukraine has significant export potential and investment attractiveness.
Prospects for Ukraine garlic in Europe market: the demand of Ukraine garlic in Europe is growing by leaps and bounds. In five years, according to experts, Ukraine can fully meet its garlic market, and in ten years can lead the European market, together with Spain.
Ukraine has all chances to become a worthy supplier of garlic in the world. As a world-class quality product, Ukraine garlic may be interesting not only for the consumer in the supermarket, but also in food processing and pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Ukraine value added garlic products

V. Garlic Processing Equipment Suitable for Ukraine Market
Ukraine has the potential and chance to be a worldwide supplier of garlic, especially for Europe market. And the markets need not only fresh garlic, but also some value added products made from garlic. So it has another kind of potential and chance for the country to establish garlic processing industries and plants to extend the garlic export business.
The products based on garlic includes garlic paste, fried garlic slices, dried garlic flakes, garlic powder, and garlic oil, etc. They can be used for food as well as medicine preparation as an ingredient.
Garlic processing requires proper processing equipment, and there are various advanced mechanical garlic processing machines developed and manufactured.
1. Garlic sorting machine: it is applied to finish grading the whole head of garlic by their sizes, which is necessary for fresh garlic exporters to get garlic heads of different sizes with different quality.
2. Garlic clove separating machine: breaking garlic bulbs into separated cloves is essential during garlic processing; also garlic clove separator is a good help to garlic farmers who need a large amount plantable cloves.
3. Garlic peeling machine: it is designed to remove garlic clove skin automatically, having a wide application in garlic processing industries and plants, because peeling garlic is a necessary chore.

4. Garlic slicer machine: garlic slices is an active form for garlic products production, and they are required to make fried garlic slices and dried garlic flakes. Garlic slicing machine helps to produce large amount of sliced/flaked garlic.
5. Garlic paste making machine: a mechanical garlic paste machine is to crush garlic for paste/mud in bulk. It is a basic machine for all types of garlic-based products.
6. Garlic slice fryer machine: the machine employs electrical heating, or gas heating, or coal heating, and water-oil mix frying technology to produce good-quality fried products.
7. Garlic slice/flake drying machine: microwave drying machine and hot air drying oven are two kinds of dehydration equipment most preferred to get dried garlic.
8. Garlic powder grinder mill: garlic powder is produced by grinding dried garlic slices/flakes with the grinder mill.
9. Garlic oil equipment: garlic oil has great use in food and perfumery as flavoring, and also in pharmaceutical as antiseptic and bactericide. Steam distillation is a widely-employed method to obtain garlic oil from the crushed garlic bulbs.