Drum-type Washing Peeling Machine

Our drum-type washing and peeling machine is a great equipment for root and stem vegetables, medicinal materials, fruits and dried fruits cleaning, washing and peeling or polishing in a large amount without damage.


Drum-type Washing and Peeling Machine Introduction

Our drum-type washing peeling machine is highly recommended for continuous cleaning and peeling work for root/stem vegetables, and fruits, such as potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, radishes, taros, ginger, and kiwi, with a large capacity range from 3 tonnes per hour to 15 tones per hour. This machine can be fully used if it is working on a production line.
drum type cleaning machine

Drum-type Washing and Peeling Machine Features and Advantages

♣ Three forms available: no-brush form, scrubbing-brush form and soft-brush form, and a proper form can be chosen according to different products.
♣ Wide application with perfect processing result:
(1.) The no-brush form is for processing products without damage, as well as removing starch from starchy products, and cooling after blanching.
(2.) The scrubbing-brush form is for root/stem vegetables, medicinal materials, fruits, and dried fruits washing, washing and peeling or polishing; at the same time, also it can be for scaling fishes and cleaning the spare parts of some facilities.
(3.) The soft-brush form is a special equipment for cleaning fruits and vegetables (mainly are ball-root products).
♣ Working well for short-time and simple washing.
♣ Stainless steel construction.
♣ Saving working time and labor.
clean fruit and vegetable washed by drum type washing machine

Drum-type Washing and Peeling Machine Working Principle

Products are introduced into the drum working chamber continuously. The sustained rolling of the drum makes collision and friction of the products; then the products are cleaned by working brush; at last, the products are washed and peeled or polished by high-pressure spray washing system which is operated by water storage tank and circulating pump that is provided with the machine.

Drum-type Washing and Peeling Machine Proper Maintenance

♣ After a period of working, the machine should be checked if there is retaining screw loosening of the reducer, and loosening of water pipe connector; if the gear oil in the reducer stays in the standard oil level. The issues have to be solved in time.
♣ After a certain time of utilization, the brush wire will be shortened, which is a normal working loss. So if the brush wire is too short to work, it needs to be replaced.

Drum-type Washing and Peeling Machine Specification Data

Model AMS-GQX3000 AMS-GQX4000 AMS-GQX5000
Power/Voltage 3.75kw/380v 5.5kw/380v 7.5kw/380v
Dimension (mm) 3000*1200*2200 4000*1300*2300 5000*1300*2300
Weight 160kg 220kg 260kg
Output 3-5T/h 5-10T/h 10-15T/h
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