Garlic Clove Separator Machine

To make the tough work of separating garlic cloves easy, try our garlic separator machine which has high efficiency, low energy consumption, quality separation result.



Garlic Clove Separator is Necessary for Garlic Processing

During garlic processing, breaking the garlic bulbs into separated cloves is a tough work. Garlic clove separator machine can easy this work, and we are supplying quality garlic clove separator to finish garlic bulb breaking and clove separation. At the same time, our garlic clove separator is a good helper to garlic farmers who need a large number of plantable cloves.

garlic separator machine garlic separating equipment
                                     AMS-SFB400                                          AMS-SFB800

Technical Data of Garlic Bulb Breaking Machine

Model AMS-SFB400 AMS-SFB800
Capacity 400kg/h 800kg/h
Power 0.74kw/380v 2.2kw/380v
Weight 100kg 280kg
Dimension 690*710*1050mm 985*835*1420mm

Working Process of Garlic Clove Separating Machine

This garlic separating machine can complete a processing result of manual separation to get separated garlic cloves. It is employing soft rollers which are made of pure rubber, high-performance gear motor, and chain-wheel drive system to realize a speed-difference rubbing to separate garlic cloves.
separated garlic

Garlic Clove Separator Machine Features

1. Working well for garlic bulbs with different sizes, because the space between rollers can be adjusted
2. The soft rubber roller ensures quality separation with no damage to garlic cloves
3. Equipped with working fan to separate garlic husks, garlic stems, and garlic cloves automatically
4. High efficiency with more than 90% separating rate
5. Easy to operate, only one operator can finish the process
6. Practical, energy-saving, simple maintenance and cleaning, the low failure rate

Garlic Bulb Breaking Machine Components

1.  Round rubber roller; 2. Gear type rubber roller; 3. Feed inlet (with two rows of rubber rollers); 4. On-off button; 5. Handle; 6. Working fan

garlic separator machine spare parts garlic separator parts

Garlic Bulb Breaker Machine Applications

This garlic bulb breaker machine can be used for garlic processing industry, vegetable processing plants, supermarkets, etc. It can work individually, or work with garlic peeling machine, garlic slicing machine, garlic paste machine, or work in a garlic production processing line.

Garlic Clove Breaking Separating Machine Video

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