Industrial Olive Pitter

Olive pitting machine can crush and pit various fruits, such as olive, lychee, longan, waxberry, blueberry, etc. High pitting rate, no damage to the pit.


Introduction of Olive Pitting Machine

Olive pitting machine is mainly used for crushing and pitting of various fruits. Combining crushing with centrifugal separation principle, the industrial olive pitter can rapidly separate the olive fruit flesh and pit. The crushed and pitted olives can be put into the olive juice extractor for extracting juice. Olive stoner machine adopts flexible crushing and the pit won’t be damaged, meanwhile, the quality of the flesh juice won’t be affected. The fruit pitting machine is an ideal choice for juice beverage industry. Small olive pitter is available, too.

olive pitting machine for destoning olives

Features of Olive Pit Remover Machine

1. High efficiency, easy operation, stable performance.
2. The pulp particle size can be customized according to your requirement.
3. No damage to the fruit pit, high pitting rate, high pulp recovery rate up to 99.5%.
4. The whole machine is made of 304 stainless steel.
5. The fruit pitting machine can remove the olive pit without classification.

Wide Application of Olive Stoner Machine

1. Olive pitting machine has wide applications. It can not only remove olive pits but also can effectively remove the pit of lychee, longan, waxberry, blueberry, etc.
Olive pitting machine for pitting lychee, longan, waxberry, blueberry, etc. 2. Crushed and pitted olives can be used for producing olive juice.The fruit pitting machine is usually used for juice beverage industry.

Working Principle of Industrial Olive Pitter

The olive pit remover machine combines crushing and centrifugal principle to rapidly separate fruit pulp and pit. After the whole olive fruits enter the olive pitting machine, under the effect of the high-speed stirring screw, olive pit and pulp are well separated. The pulp recovery rate for this olive stoner machine is as high as 99.5%. The pulp after separated is sent to the next stage for processing.

Technical Parameter of Olive Pitting Machine

Model MLX-5 MLX-10 MLX-20
Capacity 5 t/h 10 t/h 20 t/h
Power 7.5 kW 11 kW 15 kW
Dimension (mm) 1900*800*1650 2200*900*1750 2500*1020*1780
Weight 970 kg 1020 kg 1200 kg
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