Multifunctional Ginger Grinding Machine

With features of fast grinding and fine filter, multifunctional ginger grinding machine is widely applied in the food industry, pharmaceutical plant, chemical industry. Its large milling capacity & space is suitable for crushing dry material like spices, vegetable, grain, medicinal herbs, coal slag.



Ginger Powder Grinding Machine Introduction

Multifunctional ginger grinding machine is for processing ginger, chili, garlic, onion and other hard, dry materials into fine powder. Featured of easy operation, a wide range of processable materials, good grinding effect, low noise & smooth working, etc., ginger grinding machine has been kept in service long for food processing industry, pharmaceutical plant and chemical market.
Please note: when processing ginger powder, the raw ginger could be dried by hot air drying oven before ground by multi-function ginger grinder in order to achieve a better fluidity of powder and prevent grinder’s screen from being blocked.

structure details of ginger powder grinding machine

Working Principle of Multi-Function Ginger Grinder

Dry type grinding machine makes use of high-speed relative motion between movable and fixed fluted discs to crush the material through impact & friction of the grinding tooth and collision among the materials. Then, the ground material will be filtered through 10-120 mesh screen. Finally, the end product could be discharged from the outlet.

Dry Type Spice Grinding Machine Details Description

The dry type spice grinder is made of high quality 304 stainless steel from top to bottom, and it is equipped with the international standard motor. It consists of feed opening, grinding chamber, movable and fixed fluted discs, mesh screen, grinding chamber lock, a switch, discharge port, body cover and foot pad. Since our machine meets the GMP requirements of food & drug production, it has been widely used in small and medium processing factory. Here are more details description of grinding machine’s components:
1. High-speed crushing chamber
In the grinding chamber, the fluted disc is manufactured by precision machines, which is smooth and easy-to-clean. The combined effect of fixed fluted disc’s high hardness and movable fluted disc’s high speed could crush the material thoroughly into the fine powder.
2. Discharge port
The wide, round discharge port is made of stainless steel, which ensures the material could be discharged fast and smoothly. Discharge port’s compact design simplifies machine’s cleaning and maintenance.

detailed features of ginger powder mill
3. Feed opening
We design the feed opening with a smooth edge to prevent customer’s hand from being cut, and the screw outside the feed hopper is rotatable which could control material’s feeding speed.
4. “Lock The Door” screw
About the chamber lock, we have improved the lock screw on it with an anti-slip texture which enhances manufacturing process’s controllability, minimize industrial injury risk and guarantee safe production at every moment.
5. Mesh screen
The mesh screen is replaceable, and we could provide 10-120 mesh screen for the customer to change. To be exact, the larger the screen mesh, the finer the end product.

mesh screen of spice powder grinder machine

Multifunctional Ginger Grinding Machine Features

1. Multifunctional Ginger grinding machine has a great crushing capacity, it could process materials into relative small size particles with low energy consumption.
2. Our ginger grinder machine has a large milling space. When motor comes into operation, the turbine wheel in the chamber will produce high wind pressure which fastens grinding rate and reduces deposition & blockage in mesh screen.
3. Plug-in mesh screen installation. Easy operation and compact design.
4. Built-in motor design, low noise, and stable working performance.

Ginger Grinder Equipment Application

multifunctional ginger gridner mill machine applications1. In food processing industry
Our multifunctional ginger grinding machine is suitable for grinding dry materials like ginger, chili, soybean and sugar materials like red dates, crystal sugar, etc. Other food like low oil content grain can be ground, too.
2. In pharmaceutical plant
Multifunctional ginger grinding machine can process all dry medicinal materials such as Angelica Sinensis, pseudo-ginseng and fiber materials such as Cordyceps Sinensis. Materials with more moisture need to be dried firstly before milled.
3. In industrial application
Some industrial waste is reusable after being ground, except flammable, explosive and sticky materials. Please contact customer service online before grinding some special raw materials.

Ginger Milling Machine Technical Data

Model AZS-GM120 AZS-GM180 AZS-GM320 AZS-GM500
Capacity 30-120 Kg/hr 60-200 Kg/hr 80-300 Kg/hr 100-500 Kg/hr
Grinding fineness 10-120 Mesh 10-120 Mesh 10-120 Mesh 10-120 Mesh
Voltage/Power 220/380 V/2.2 KW 380 V/5.5 KW 380 V/7.5 KW 380 V/11 KW
Dimensions 480*520*1040 mm 750*600*1260 mm 780*700*1350 mm 800*900*1550 mm
Weight 80 kg 180 kg 260 kg 320 kg
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