Onion Frying Machine

Amisy onion ring frying machines are specially developed for restaurants and fast food shops. They can fry many kinds of foods such as bake-meat, chicken, fresh chips, samosa, pie, spring roll and some other snacks.



Onion Rings Frying Machine Introduction

Amisy onion ring frying machine is specially developed for restaurants and fast food shops, which is manufactured for multiple purposes to fry not only onion rings but also other food like potato chips, broad beans, peanuts, bake-meat, spring roll and etc.. We have offered different type frying machines for all kinds of production scales, featured with high efficiency and energy-saving. Moreover, customized onion ring frying machines are also available to meet customers’ specific demands. By using our onion fryer machines, you can make fried food with food safety, product quality, taste and prolonged shelf life.
Onion frying machine

Features of Onion Rings Fryer Machine

1. Made of stainless steel, durable and easy to clean, suitable for food frying.
2. With water-oil blending technology, the fryer machine can filter the dregs automatically, saving 50% oil and 40% power.
3. The automatic oil-temperature controlling system can make fried food with the same color, better taste.
4. Automatic blending system can make food in the same frying state, avoiding some food in the raw state.
5. Less oil smoke and environmental protection, electricity leaking protector.
6. Equipped with a highly sophisticated oil management system for extended oil life and thus better yield.

fried onion rings by onion fryer machine

Advantages of Amisy Onion Rings Frying Machine

●Water temperature can be set by the machine instead of measuring water temperature manually, which contributes to easy operation and accurate measurement.
●When the temperature is higher than the set temperature, there is cooling system can completely stop the water boiling.
●Food scraps generated in the frying process can sink into the bottom funnel through water filtration, and then will be discharged from the drain outlet, which makes oil filtered without oil wastage. So the food fried by Amisy frying machines are free of heavy metals, safe and healthy.

Two Types of Onion Fryer Machine for You to Choose

Amisy fried onion making machine can fry food to consistent and high standards. We mainly offer two types of frying machines different in production scales to meet customers’ frying business.
For small-scale frying machine, the discharging method is manual, which is generally used in fried-chicken restaurant, deli, and some small restaurants.
For large scale frying machine, the discharging method is automatic, which is suitable for french fries processing factory, large food frying factory and etc..

Technical Data of Onion Rings Fryer Machine

►Small Scale Onion Frying Machine

Model  AMSDYZ-500 AMSDYZ-1000 AMSDYZ-1200
Power Source 9kw/380v 21kw/380v 24kw/380v
Oil Groove Size 500*500*400mm 1000*500*400mm 1200*500*400mm
Overall Dimensions 880*620*930mm 1380*620*950mm 1580*620*1000mm
Weight 60kg 120kg 140kg

►Large Scale Onion Frying Machine

Model  AMSDYZ-1200A AMSDYZ-1500A AMSDYZ-1200Y
Power Source 27kw/380v 40.5kw/380v 63 kw/380v
Oil Groove Size 1200*700*400mm 1500*700*400mm 1200*400mm
Overall Dimensions 1600*1050*1200mm 1900*1050*1200mm 1660*1490*1500mm
Weight 210kg 230kg 500kg
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