Garlic Root Cutting Machine

Customers can buy garlic root cutting machine with reasonable price from us. There are three models automatic garlic root cutter for choice. They can help garlic farmers and garlic processors to finish volume garlic root cutting work well and efficiently.



Garlic Root Cutting Machine Introduction

Garlic root cutting machine is for cutting garlic roots automatically. Good quality garlic root cutter has functions of automatic feeding, automatic roots cutting. The depth of cutting can be adjusted automatically according to the different size of the garlic. Garlic root cutting machine is the best seller among our garlic processing machines.
garlic and garlic without root

Types of Garlic Root Cutting Machine

We have two types of garlic root cutting machine: garlic root flat cutting machine and garlic root concave cutting machine.

Garlic Root Flat Cutting Machine

Garlic root flat cutting machine is one of our most popular machines for cutting root and stem of fresh garlic and dry garlic. With a small size and lightweight, this electric garlic root cutter is easy to deliver and move for people. One or two people can operate the machine to complete 700-1000kg garlic root cutting per hour. Double cutter improves the work efficiency. It can cut the garlic root into a flat shape, so it can keep garlic fresh and the stem can be separated from garlic after cutting. The garlic root and stem cutter is made of carbon steel, we also can produce stainless steel garlic root cutting machine according to customer’s requirement.
automatic garlic root cutter

Applications of Garlic Root Flat Cutting Machine

1. The equipment is suitable for garlic farm and garlic processing factory.
2. Fresh and dry garlic root cutting machine can be used for cutting garlic root and head, it is a good helper for the farmer.
3. The raw material can be fresh and dry garlic and onion.
4. As the machine power, you can use electric motor, battery or petrol engine, which can fit for more customers.

Parameters of Garlic Root and Stem Flat Cutter

Type Old version New designed(auto discharging)

The conveyor transports the cut garlic into bag automatically.


Capacity 4000-6000pcs(700-1000kg/h) 4000-6000pcs(700-1000kg/h)
Power 0.37kw 0.37kw
Voltage 220v, 50hz 220v, 50hz
Cutter 8 pcs 8 pcs
Dimension 655*590*690mm 800*500*1000mm

Garlic Root Concave Cutting Machine

The garlic root concave cutting machine can cut garlic root into the concave shape. This garlic root cutter can cut the root of garlic with any size. When starting the machine, people need to put the garlic without mud on the garlic-holder cup and the root part is upward, the transmission chain will transport garlic for root cutting automatically. This garlic root cutter machine is mostly equipped in the dehydrated garlic manufacturing factory.
garlic root concave cutting machine

Parameters of Garlic Root Concave Cutting Machine

Model AMS-C
Capacity 300-600 kg/h
Power 2.25 kW
Voltage 380 v
Weight 600 kg
Dimension 3800*1400*1800mm


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