Fruit Crushing and Juicing Machine

Industrial cold press juicer combines crushing machine with spiral juicing machine. It can complete crushing, juicing and residue discharging process of various berries, pome fruits and vegetables automatically.


Introduction to Industrial Cold Press Juicer

Industrial cold press juicer can automatically complete the crushing, juicing and residue discharging process of various berries, pome fruits and vegetables. The industrial juicer combines crushing machine with the spiral juicing machine. It is widely used for juicing apple, pineapple, pear, orange, lemon, strawberry, blueberry, mulberry, cranberry, buckthorn, grape, kiwi fruit, passion fruit, watermelon, papaya, tomato, carrot, cucumber, beet, garlic, ginger, spinach, celery, aloe, cactus, etc.

industrial cold press fruit juicer

Features of Fruit Juice Machine

1.The juice press machine is made of stainless steel, healthy, durable and easy to clean.
2. The industrial juicer adopts screw extrusion principle, having high juice yield.
3. With crushing device mounted, the machine crushes the materials first before extracting juice. There is no need for the extra crusher.
4. Automatic juice extraction, the residues, and juice are separated automatically.
5. The filter screen has various mesh sizes for your choice.
6. The handling capacity of the juice press machine is different according to the raw materials.
7. The industrial cold press juicer can work alone or used in the production line.

fruit puree fruit juice production line

Structure of Juice Press Machine

Industrial cold press juicer consists of the feed hopper, crushing device, front support base, screw, filter screen, juice holding device, rear support, residue outlet and so on. The left side of the screw shaft is supported on the rolling bearing support, and the right side is supported on the handwheel bearing support. The motor drives the screw of the vegetable juicer machine to work through the V-belt pulley.
industrial juicer structure

Working Principle of Industrial Cold Press Juicer

The crushing device is installed above the feed hopper of the screw juicer.  There are four groups of fly knives and one group of dead knives inside the crushing device. The fly knives driven by the motor rotate between the dead knives, thus crushing the materials into 2-5 mm pieces, which then enter the spiral juicing system directly.
The main component of the spiral juicing system is the screw. The screw shaft rotates clockwise in the direction of the residue outlet. The bottom diameter of screw increases gradually while the thread pitch gradually decreases. When the materials are propelled by the screw, with the reduction of the volume of screw chamber, the materials are pressed. The juice flows into the juice holding device through the filter screen, while the residues are expelled through the gap between the screw and the pressure adjusting head.
The juice yield of the vegetable juicer machine can be adjusted by rotating the handwheel bearing support. When turning it clockwise in the direction of the feed hopper, the pressure adjusting head will move left and the gap will be smaller, otherwise, the gap will be larger. As the gap size changes, the residue discharge resistance will change, thus changing the juice yield of the fruit juice machine.
juice extracted by fruit crushing juicer machine

Operation and Maintenance of Industrial Juicer

1. After the fruit juice machine enters the normal working condition, please adjust the gap to the maximum and then reduce gradually to the ideal condition. If the raw material doesn’t come out from the crusher, clean it with the residue removal rod.
2. After every shift, please wash the filter screen with water and brush to remove the residue from the vegetable juicer machine manually. Wash the whole machine with hot water after finishing juicing.

Technical Parameter of Fruit Crushing and Juicing Machine

 Model Handling capacity Power Dimensions
PZJ-0.5 0.1-0.5 t/hr 1.1 kW 800*320*1000 mm
PZJ-1.5 0.3-1.5 t/hr 5.5 kW 1560*450*1540 mm
PZJ-2.5 1.0-2.5 t/hr 11 kW 2200*600*1800 mm


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