Automatic Onion Root Cutting Machine

Amisy onion root cutting machine is manufactured by our skilled workers to ensure good qualities. It has no special cutting requirements for onions, high yield, precise cutting, less waste and etc..



Onion Root Cutting Machine Introduction

Onion root cutting machine is used to cut off the tops and tails of onions, which is the advanced onion processing equipment with big production. Amisy onion root cutting machine is manufactured with good qualities such as no special cutting requirements for onions, high yield, precise cutting, less waste and etc.. It can be used independently and also used together with onion peeling machine to form automatic onion peeling&cutting production line. As the practical and economical onion processing equipment, our onion root cutting machine is widely employed in vegetable and fruit processing industry.

onion root cutting machine for sale

Technical Data of Onion Root Cutter Machine


Working Video of Automatic Onion Top and Tail Cutting Machine

Onion Top and Tail Cutting Machine Features

1. Without special demands in onion size, dry or wet onion, or the depth and firmness of onions. It is suitable for kinds of onions.
2. Onion root and head can be cut cleanly one time without damage.
3. High yield. The hourly output can reach 600kg and the cutter can work continuously.
4. High efficiency. Onion cutting by the machine is equivalent to manual cutting by ten workers and finished onions by the machine is smooth.
5. Main parts and outer casing are made of stainless steel with international health standard and there are no quick-wear parts.
6. Stable performance, long service life, low noise, easy operation, high small volume with less floor space
7. This onion root cutting machine also can be applied in vegetable processing industry like Chinese turnips and many other vegetables.
onion cut by automatic onion root cutter machine

Working Principle of Onion End Cutting Machine

Onions are fed and gripped to avoid slipping during the transport. The conveyor belt leads onions continuously through the blades. The blades positioned precisely can make sure only what is necessary is cut off, which is featured with high precision to ensure less waste. Therefore tops and tails of onions are precisely and economically removed. At last onions and their tops and tails are ejected separately from the machine.

Notes for Onion Root Cutter Machine

1. During onion top and tail cutting process, the percentage of waste differs due to the form and size of onions.
2. The cutting blades can be adjusted freely to meet the sizes of onions
3. Our onion root cutter machine can be customized to meet your specific demands. And the length of the conveyor belt can also be customized.

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