Tomato Paste Production Line

We provide turnkey projects for small scale tomato paste production. On site service is available and the tomato processing machines in the tomato paste processing line can be customized according to your requirements.



Tomato Paste Production Line Introduction

With advanced technology and elaborate workmanship, we provide turnkey projects for tomato paste production. The handling capacity of the tomato paste production line is 1-2 tons per hour. Based on your requirements, we can provide on-site installation, commissioning and training service for you. With reasonable design and low energy consumption, our tomato processing equipment is your cost-effective choice.

Advantages of Tomato Paste Processing Line

1. Fruit washing machine features high cleanliness, saving energy and water, stable and reliable performance.
2. Spraying device, collection channel, and waste conveyor can be designed for the roller sorting machine.
3. The insulating layer can be designed for the tubular preheater and tubular sterilizer.
4. Various mesh size options for the fruit pulping machine in the tomato processing plant.
5. Concentrator features small size, simple structure, convenient operation, cleaning, and maintenance.

Working Flow of Tomato Paste Production Line

Fresh Tomato → Tomato Washing → Tomato Sorting→ Breaking → Preheating→Tomato Pulping → Vacuum Concentration → Paste Sterilization → Finished Tomato Paste
tomato paste production flow chart

Main Equipment in Tomato Paste Processing Plant

1.Surfing type washing machine

Tomatoes are washed with high-pressure water in the fruit washing machine. Scraper elevator conveys the cleaned tomatoes to the next procedure.
tomato conveyor and tamato washing machine

2. Roller sorting machine

Cleaned fruits enter into the machine from the feeding hopper, and rotate forward toward the outlet. Workers pick out the unqualified tomatoes to ensure the quality of the end product.
Tomato sorting machine and crushing machine

3. Broken Pump

Used for conveying and crushing of tomatoes, preparing for pre-heating and pulping.

4. Tubular Preheater

Tubular preheater increases the temperature of the pulp by steam heating so that to soften the pulp and deactivate the enzymes.

crushed tomato preheater and tomato pulping refining machine

5. Single-channel Pulping Machine

The single-channel pulping machine is used for automatic separation of pulp and residue from the crushed and preheated tomatoes. The material from the last procedure enters into the machine through the feed inlet and spirals toward the outlet along the cylinder. By centrifugal force, the material is pulped. The pulp passes through the sieve and is sent to the next procedure, while the skin and seeds are discharged through the residue outlet, achieving the aim of automatic separation. The pulping speed can be changed by changing the sieve and adjusting the lead angle of the scraper.

6. Vacuum Concentrating Boiler 

This equipment is used for vacuum concentration of tomato pulp under low temperature. Steam is fed into the jacket at the lower part of the boiler, making the material under vacuum boil and evaporate. Blender in the boiler helps strengthen the flowing of the material.

tomato boiler and tomato paste sterilizer

7. Tubular Sterilizer

Tubular sterilizer increases the temperature of the concentrate by steam heating, achieving the aim of sterilization.

Technical Parameters of Tomato Paste Production Line

Dimension (mm)
Surfing Type Washing Machine
1.47 kw
2300 * 910 * 1600
Roller Sorting Machine
0.37 kw
3000 * 700 * 900
Broken Pump
3 kw
1710 * 380 * 340
Tubular Preheater
1405 * 615 * 1250
Single-channel Pulping Machine
4 kw
1450 * 770 * 1523
Temporary Storage Tank
1200 * 650 * 650
Vacuum Concentrating Boiler
9 kw
2800 * 2100 * 4410
Screw Pump
3 kw
1500 * 380 * 315
Tubular Sterilizer
1405 * 615 * 1250
Finished Product Tank
700 * 700 * 1250


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