Automatic Crispy Fried Onion Rings Production Line

We manufacture crispy onion production machines to help customers start crispy onion business. Featured with high output, labor-saving, easy to operate, suitable for large-scale fried onion production, fried onion production is worth the investment.


Automatic Crispy Fried Onion Rings Production Line Introduction

The crispy fried onion rings production line is used to make delicious and popular snack food-crispy onion. This crispy fried onion rings production line consists of onion root cutter machine, peeling machine, onion cutting machine, water bubble washing machine, air dehydration machine, onion fryer machine, deoiling machine, seasoning machine, packing machine and other auxiliary equipment. Onion rings processed by the production line are crispy and tasty with a wonderful smell and favored by lots of people all over the world. We have manufactured crispy onion rings production line machines to help customers start crispy onion business. Featured with high output, labor-saving, easy to operate, suitable for large-scale fried onion production, fried onion production is worth the investment.

tasty onion rings made by automatic fried onion rings production line

Features of Crispy Fried Onion Rings Production Line

Automatic crispy onion process includes following steps:
onion root cutting→peeling→cutting→washing→dehydration→frying→deoiling→flavoring→packing.
The pre-treatment part: root cutting, peeling and onion cutting, is special for onion. The other parts can be used for other spices like potato chips, french fries, banana chips and etc..
Automatic crispy onion rings frying line

1.Onion root cutting machine

Onion root cutter is used for cutting onion tops and tails cleanly one time without damage, suitable for kinds of onions. High efficiency, stable performance and easy to operate.

2.Onion peeling machine

Onion peeler machine is for automatically removing onion peels to achieve smooth onion with no damage. The conveyor chain, bearing, framework and etc. are all made of stainless steel. Simple and hygienic design.

3.  Onion rings cutting machine

This slicing machine is applied to cutting onions into fine slices. Besides onions, the slicer machine is multi-functional to cut other solid vegetables into slices, such as garlic, ginger, potato and so on. Compact structure, high output, convenient to clean.

4. Water bubble washing machine

It is used to wash onion rings, adopting bubble, cycle surfing, high-pressure spray washing way combinations to make the vegetable and fruits get a full range of thorough cleaning. It also suits the washing and starch removing of round root vegetable and fruit after cutting. Length and width can be customized.

5. Air dehydration Machine

onion air drying dewatering machineAfter washing, onions need to be dried for the next frying process. Air dehydration machine is the ideal equipment, made of stainless steel with an attractive appearance and small volume. Onion dehydration can be achieved by the high pressure and low-temperature airflow, with oil stain and incrustation removing. Saving energy, low cost, stable performance, high efficiency and hygienic dehydration.

6. Onion rings frying machineAutomatic onion rings frying machine

The fryer machine can fry not only onion rings but also other food like potato chips, broad beans, peanuts, bake-meat, spring roll and etc.. Different type machines are offered by us. Made of stainless steel, durable and easy to clean, suitable for kinds of food frying.

7. Fried onion rings deoiling machine

fried onion rings air deoiling machineAfter frying, the deoiling machine is used to remove extra oil. Besides onions, the deoiling machine suits other kinds of fried food. It adopts the fan and belt to remove extra oil from the fried food quickly, then the extra oil will be collected by a plate, so it is economical and practical and of good effect.

8. Seasoning Machine for crispy fried onions

Fried onion rings flavoring machineFor better taste, season fried onions with flavor. Seasoning machines are offered in three types: octagonal type, disc type, and drum type. You can choose the suitable type upon the fragile degree of materials, process technology, and water demands. Octagonal type and disc type mixes evenly and discharge automatically. Drum type is of automatic feeding and discharging, large output. Seasoning machines are all made of all stainless steel, used for the seasoning, mixing and spraying sugar. It is the most advanced food flavoring machine.

9. Automatically fired onion rings packing machine

Automatic onion rings packing machineThe next step is packing. This automatic packing machine can be used for weighing, filling food and injecting nitrogen automatically. It is suitable for packing any size and shape of puffed food, fried food, and baked food. This equipment is completely by computer, high automation degree, high efficiency, labor saving.

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