Onion Peeling Machine

Onion peeling machine can peel different sizes of onions with perfect peeling quality, and is widely used for deep processing of onion by food processing factories, vegetable distribution centers and other processing units and individuals.



Automatic Onion Peeling Machine Introduction

Amisy onion peeling machine is designed for automatically removing the peels of onion to produce smooth onion without traces of cut and dent. It is driven by the air compress and equipped with the pneumatic working principle. Our onion peeling machines meet the national environment-protection and sanitation standard, as well as requirements for export. Featured with low processing cost and high processing efficiency, Amisy onion peeler machine is widely used for onion deep processing by food processing factories, school dining rooms, vegetable distribution centers, agricultural produce fairs and other processing units and individuals.

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Onion Peeling Machine Features

1. It can peel different sizes of onions with perfect peeling quality
2. The completely automatic dry-peel operation, adjustable at peeling skin layers and no spoilage to onions
3. Work on compressed air, energy saving, and high production efficiency
4. Easy to operate, easy maintenance and cleaning
5. Suitable for complete onion processing line or single station working
6. Simple and hygienic design, the conveyor chain, bearing, framework and etc. are all made of stainless steel.

Onion Peeling Machine Working Principle

1. The onion peeler machine is driven by the air compress and equipped with the pneumatic working principle.
2. When onions go into the onion peeler machine, they are released to the peeling device. Onions will be peeled by the spiral working and high-pressure air blow nozzle then will be sent to discharge hole. And meanwhile, the onion skins are blown away without making a surgical incision in the onion skin.
Notice: The number of onions fed should be strictly in accordance with the instruction. If a large quantity of onions is fed into, the peeling rate is affected resulting in unclean peeling. If fewer onions, the peeling effect is badly influenced.

onion peeling process by onion peeling machine

Maintenance of Onion Peeling Machine

1. It is necessary to check the peeler machine to ensure various parts are in good working condition. Repair it in time whenever there are malfunctions.
2. The peeling bucket must be cleaned at a certain interval. If onions are not peeled cleanly, please clean the peeling bucket immediately.
3. At the end of each shift, submerge a rag in hot water and use it to wipe the wall of the feed-in bucket and the round rubber plate of the feed-in controlling valve. Onion juice and fragment must not be left there, which can cause inhomogeneous onions entry and adversely affect the peeling effects.
4. The control panel shall be kept dry. No water shall be used for its cleaning, in case of accidents.

Technical Data of Onion Peeler Machine

Model AMS-YT-600
Power 0.2kw/220v
Capacity 600kg/h
Dimension 1340*860*1500mm
Weight 160kg
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