Garlic Slices Fryer Machine

The semi-automatic and full-automatic garlic slice fryer machine can be powered by electrical heating, gas heating, and coal heating; oil-water mix technology and automatic filtering system are the keys to get quality fried garlic slices and save working time, labor and energy consumption.



Garlic Slices Fryer Machine Introduction

We are specialized in developing and manufacturing various garlic slice fryer machines with excellent working performance. There are three types, the manual-discharging ones and the automatic-discharging ones (they are semi-automatic), and the line-equipment ones (they are fully-automatic).

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Garlic Slice Fryer Machine Highlights and Superiority

1. Three kinds of heating methods: electrical heating, coal heating and gas heating; the heating efficiency has a utilization rate of more than 95%, saving energy consumption.
2. Employing the new technology of oil-water mix and the automatic filtering system, which extends the service time of frying oil and ensure the good quality of the fried products.
3. Separated auto-control of oil temperature and water temperature, dual heat preservation effects, and optional setting of temperature from 0℃-260℃keep the frying machine in a stable working condition.
4. Available for continuous production, saving working time, working labor and energy cost (saving 50% frying oil, 40% power and coal compared with the ordinary garlic slice frying machine).
5. No oil smoke, no smell tainting, no pollution.
6. Made of stainless steel, hygiene and durable enough.

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What is Oil and Water Mix Technology

As a food frying machine, our garlic slice fryer is working by the technology of oil-water mix. After oil and water mixed, there is a self-acting layering of them. The upper layer is for oil that is heated for frying foodstuffs, and the underlayer is for water to collect the sunk waste residue after frying so that the waste residue can be removed in time, which means a long-time service cycle and less wasting of frying oil.

Garlic Slice Frying Machine Application

This garlic slice frying machine is of high automation. It is suitable for all kinds of fried food production plants to finish high-end consumers’ quantity production, such as snack foods, fish products, meats, poultry products, aquatic products, meat patties, meat/vegetable balls, rice crust.

Garlic Slice Frying Machine Technical Data

► Full-automatic Garlic Slice Fryer Machine (Electrical Heating)

Model Power/Voltage Weight Dimension(mm)
AMS-WYZ-4000 69.37kw/380v 600kg 4000*1350*2250
AMS-WYZ-5000 72.37kw/380v 800kg 5000*1350*2250
AMS-WYZ-6000 96kw/380v 1100kg 6000*1700*2250
AMS-WYZ-7000 102.37kw/380v 1200kg 7000*1700*2250
AMS-WYZ-8000 117.37kw/380v 1300kg 8000*1700*2250

Full-automatic Garlic Slice Fryer Machine (Gas Heating)

Model Heating
Weight Dimension(mm)
 AMS-QYZ-4000  69-168kw  4.45kw  2.7-6.6m³  850kg  4200*1580*1380
 AMS-QYZ-5000  138-336kw  7.4kw  5.4-13.2m³  1050kg  5200*1650*2250
 AMS-QYZ-6000  138-336kw  8.1kw  5.4-13.2m³  1150kg  6000*1650*2250
 AMS-QYZ-8000  207-504kw  9.65kw  8.1-19.8m³  1300kg  7200*1650*2250
 AMS-QYZ-10000  207-504kw  9.65kw  8.1-19.8m³  1500kg  8200*1650*2250

► Semi-automatic Garlic Slice Frying Machine (Electrical Heating)

Model Discharging Power/Voltage Oil Tank Size (mm) Dimension (mm)
AMS-DYZ-500 Manual discharging 9-12kw/380v 500x500x400 880*620*930
AMS-DYZ-1000 Manual discharging 21kw/380v 1000x500x400 1380*620*950
AMS-DYZ-1200 Manual discharging 24kw/380v 1200x500x400 1580*620*1000
AMS-DYZ-1500 Manual discharging 36kw/380v 1500x500x400 1880*620*1000
AMS-DYZ-1200A Automatic discharging 27kw/380v 1200x700x400 1600*1050*1200
AMS-DYZ-1500A Automatic discharging 40.5kw/380v 1500x700x400 1900*1050*1200
AMS-DYZ-2000A Automatic discharging 54kw/380v 2000x700x400 2350*1050*1200
AMS-DYZ-1200Y Automatic discharging and stirring 63kw/380v Dia.1200×400 1660*1490*1500
AMS-DYZ-1500Y Automatic discharging and stirring 79kw/380v Dia.1500×400 1680*2050*1500

Semi-automatic Garlic Slice Frying Machine (Gas Heating)

Model Heating Power Auxiliary Power Gas Consumption Weight Dimension( mm)
AMS-QYZ1500A 69-168kw 1.05kw 2.7-6.6m³ 670kg 3000*1150*1350
AMS-QYZ2000A 69-168kw 1.05kw 2.7-6.6m³ 850kg 3500*1150*1350
AMS-QYZ1200Y 69-168kw 1.8kw 2.7-6.6m³ 1050kg 2690*1600*1630
AMS-QYZ1500Y 69-168kw 1.8kw 2.7-6.6m³ 1300kg 2710*2100*1630

Semi-automatic Garlic Slice Frying Machine (Coal Heating)

Model Discharging Power/Voltage Oil Tank Size (mm) Dimension (mm)
AMS-MYZ-1000 Manual discharging 0.81kw/380v 1000x500x400 1270*1050*940
AMS-MYZ-1200 Manual discharging 0.83kw/380v 1200x500x400 1590*640*1000
AMS-MYZ-1500 Manual discharging 0.87kw/380v 1500x500x400 1920*640*1000
AMS-MYZ-1500A Automatic discharging 1.85kw/380v 1500x800x400 2200*1150*1350
AMS-MYZ-1800A Automatic discharging 1.85kw/380v 1800x800x400 2500*1150*1350
AMS-MYZ-2000A Automatic discharging 1.85kw/380v 2000x800x400 2700*1150*1350
AMS-MYZ-1200Y Automatic discharging and stirring 2.8kw/380v Dia.1200×400 2040*1600*1730
AMS-MYZ-1500Y Automatic discharging and stirring 3.37kw/380v Dia.1500×450 2340*2150*1730
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