Commercial Orange Juicer Machine

Commercial orange juice squeezer machine is characterized by well-organized and rational structure, anti-corrosion and easy to clean and sanitary. Suitable for small drink shops, fruit shops, restaurants, hotels and etc..


Commercial Orange Juicer Machine Introduction

Commercial orange juicer machine is able to make lots of juice quickly and easily and it is specially designed for minimum wastage, high productivity, and hygiene. The juice made by the extractor machine features with no antiseptic, coloring matter, essence & water in the fresh juice, which is totally different with other juice in the market. Therefore our juice squeezer machine is the most efficiency juice making machine for small-scale juice making.

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Advantages of Commercial Orange Juicer Machine

1. The orange juicer machine design reasonably, both exterior and interior structure are advanced.
2. The orange juice machine is made up of stainless steel shell, transparent plastic cover, food grade plastic parts and remaining collector; well-organized and rational structure, anti-corrosion and easy to clean and sanitary.
3. The whole juicing process can be finished in a very short time, the juice is originally nutrient and tasty.
4. Just need to antisepsis and wash fresh oranges, the machine will squeeze oranges, producing fresh juices, filtrate automatically. The extracting rate can be 40-50%.
5. This juicer applies to citrus fruits like orange, lemon, and lime.
6. The wide range of applications: suitable for small drink shops, fruit shops, restaurants, hotels, bars, cafes, etc. It also can be regarded as the perfect home appliance for your family to use.

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Working Principle of Commercial Orange Juicer Machine

Place the machine on the stable table, connect power plug to a grounded connector plug. Insert oranges in the juice machine. Oranges will be cut in the middle, then the juicer will squeeze them from both sides to extract the juice. The juice will flow down from juice outlet and residue will spurt from the residue outlet. Thus, by our advanced and professional juicer, the 100% fresh orange juice will be made.

orange juice made by orange juicer machine

Safety Notice for Orange Squeezer Juicer

1.For the safety purpose, only use connect power to the grounded connector plugs.
2.Ensure machine is disconnected from main power and turn off the power before cleaning the machine
3.Do not touch the power connector plug.
4.Only used for citrus and lemon. Can not be used for other fruit like peach, mango and etc..
5.Do not put your hands in the machine while it working.

Parameters of Orange Juice Extractor

Model AMS-2000E AMS-2000C AMS-2000A
Power 120W 120W 370W
Juice Yield 40-50% 40-50% 40-50%
Output  20 oranges/min 20 oranges/min 40 oranges/min
Dimension  400*300*780 mm 510*540*1620 mm 660*640*1720 mm
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