Automatic Cherry Pitting Machine

Cherry pitting machine is designed to remove the pits of the cherries with no damage on the cherry surface and no any juices. It can be widely used to remove pits of cherry, prunes and other small sized fruits.


Automatic Cherry Pitting Machine Introduction

Automatic cherry pitting machine is designed to remove the pits with high-efficiency, no damage to the cherry surface and no any juices. This cherry stoner machine adopts advanced technology to make cherry core removing more accurate and efficient. It had wide application, mainly used for cherry, blackberry, prunes and other small sized fruits.
automatic cherry pitting machine

Cherry Pitting Machine Features

1. This automatic cherry pitting machine is made of stainless steel to ensure long service life.
2.The machine is equipped with frequency conversion technology so that the machine owns a continuously variable function to make the operation simple and efficiency.
3. Highly automatic, one person is enough to be in charge of 2-3 pitting machines.
4. Accurate pitting. Centralizer equipment is installed to ensure that every cherry can be positioned at the central place preparing for precise core removing.
5. High pitting rate, and no breakage of cherry.
6. Wide application. It can be widely used to remove pits of cherry, prunes and other small sized fruits.
cherry and pitted cherry

Parameters of Cherry Core Remover Machine

Model  AMS-YTQH-01 AMS-YTQH-02
Passing rate 100% 100%
Capacity  98400Pcs/h 98400Pcs/h
Power 1.5kw 1.5kw
Cherry Size Φ10—Φ25 Φ10—Φ25
Dimensions 1800*1090*1180 mm 3000*1090*1180 mm

Outstanding Superiority of Cherry Pitter Machine

Difficulties in cherry core removing are: the old core removing machine all are with traditional pitting ways, and it can not form a high-efficiency function of core removing. Needles of the machine cannot be positioned to the fruit core, and the needles are easy to break off. But our pitting machine is equipped with the centering device to solve the above problem and reach the perfect core removing.

Working Principle of Cherry Core Removing Machine

The cherry pitter machine can remove the pits of cherries without any damage on them, mainly due to taking advantage of the circular shapes of cherry, the loading and conveying equipment of the pitting machine can cater to cherry’s features and can achieve the high working efficiency of ‘one cherry in one hole’. The main parts for core removing are two rollers in the machine. Cherries will fall down to the rollers and then pressed by the plate to the gap between two rollers. The flesh is pressed to the gap of the teeth on the roller meanwhile the seeds of cherries are pressed on the stretchy roller; the flesh between the teeth on the roller will be then scratched out by a brush.

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