Ginger Spray Washing Machine

Featured with high-pressure water flow and great cleaning capacity, our ginger high-pressure spray washing machineĀ is suitable for fruits and vegetables of delicate skin and with many impurities and products that are growing in the soil.



Ginger Washing Machine Introduction

Our ginger washing machine is a kind of high-pressure spray washing machine. It is the special equipment for cleaning ginger and other vegetables and fruits that are not easy to clean by other cleaning machines because these vegetables and fruits are of a rough surface with deep wrinkles, small holes, and slits.

Ginger-washing machine

Ginger Washing Machine Technical Data

Model AMS-GQX-400 AMS-GQX-500 AMS-GQX-600
Capacity 2000kg/h 3000kg/h 4000kg/h
Power/Voltage 4.75kw/380v 6.25kw/380v 8.6kw/380v
Weight 260kg 320kg 400kg
Dimension 4130*1100*1550mm 5200*1100*1550mm 6200*1300*1550mm

Ginger Washer Machine Features and Superiority

1. Widely used for fruits and vegetables of delicate skin and with many impurities, such as strawberry, apple, orange, potato, cucumber, corn, ginger; having a thorough cleaning for granular, leafy and root/stem products; especially working well for products that are growing in the soil

green leafy vegetable
2. Equipped with a circulating water pump and filtered water tank, realizing cycle use to save cleaning water (it needs new water change and supplement according to actual processing production).
3. Adopting high-pressure water flow for washing, great cleaning capacity with high impurities reduction efficiency.
4. Provided with speed-adjustment function. The processed product is delivered by a net chain with automatic feeding and discharging, and the speed of delivering belt can be adjusted on the basis of production requirements.automatic ginger washing cleaning machine for sale5. Made of stainless steel, robust and durable enough.
6. No damage to fruits and vegetables during washing.
7. Stable performance with properties of saving working labor and time.

How Does the Ginger Cleaning Machine Finish Ginger Washing?

This ginger washing machine is employing high-pressure spray washing method. There are spray pipes with high-pressure spray heads equipped in the upper of the machine, and high-pressure water cleaning is done under the action of the pump. High-pressure water flow and bubble have effects of lashing and cleaning on the ginger surface to finish the final washing work.

How Does the Ginger Cleaner Machine Recycle Water for Washing?

The machine is equipped with a water filtering tank and overflow gap. The cleaning water brings impurities to the filter layer, and the water in the filter layer enters into water filtering tank for recycle use.

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