Vegetable Processing Line

We can customize turnkey projects for various root and leafy vegetables processing. The vegetable processing line includes vegetable washing, picking, cutting, rinsing, de-watering and packing.



Vegetable Processing Line Introduction

We are devoted to designing and manufacturing turnkey projects for processing various root vegetables and leafy vegetables. The vegetable processing line can be customized according to the process requirement, vegetable types, handling capacity, workshop area, designed equipment varieties, and specifications. Engineers are available for on-site installation, commissioning and training.

clean vegetable processing line

Features of Vegetable Cleaning Processing Line

1. The line is fully made of stainless steel, nice in appearance and durable in use.
2. Highly automatic, high efficiency, low energy consumption.
3. Easy operation and maintenance, reliable performance.
4. Various cutting machines are available to meet different processing requirements.
5. The line can be customized according to your actual needs.

vegetable cleaning processing line for processing vegetable automatically

Applications of Clean Vegetable Processing Equipment

1. Our root vegetable processing line can process various root vegetables like potato, sweet potato, taro, radish, carrot, onion, lotus root, bamboo shoot, etc.
2. Our leafy vegetable processing machinery can process various leafy vegetables like wild vegetables, spinach, rape, coriander, baby cabbage, fiddlehead, garlic chives, cabbage, etc.
3. Our vegetable processing equipment is suitable for the vegetable processing plant, vegetable distribution center, fast-food companies, canteen, etc.
vegetables can be processed by automatic vegetable washing processing line

Processing Flowchart of Vegetable Cleaning Processing Line

Fresh Vegetables→Vegetables Washing Machine→Picking Line→Vegetables Cutting Machine→Rinsing Line→Blanching Machine→De-watering Machine→Seasoning Machine→Packing Machine→The Finished Product

Various Vegetable Processing Machines in the Clean Vegetable Production Line

1. Conveyor: used as automatic auxiliary equipment to improve efficiency. High conveying capacity, safe and reliable operation.

vegetable conveyor 2. We provide various vegetables washing machines. For root vegetables, brush type washing peeling machine is usually used; for leafy vegetables, bubble washing machine is often selected.
3. Vegetables picking line is used for conveying the washed vegetables to the next machine and meanwhile for the simple picking. Stable performance, long service life.
vegetable picking line 4. Various vegetable cutting machines are available for your choice, such as root vegetable cutting machine, directional vegetable cutting machine, multifunctional vegetable cutting machine, vegetable dicing machine, vegetable chopping machine, etc.
5. Vegetable rinsing machine: bubble washing machine is used for rinsing vegetables after they are cut by vegetables cutting machine.
6. Vegetable blanching machinefor root vegetable processing, blanching machine is added for color protection.
vegetable blanching machine 7. Vegetable de-watering machine: cool air dryer and centrifugal dewatering machine are available for removing the surface water of various vegetables.
onion air drying dewatering machine 8. Seasoning machine: disc type, octagonal type, and drum type seasoning machine are available, which can be chosen according to the materials and processing technology.
Fried onion rings flavoring machine 9. Vegetable packing machine: automatic packing machine and vacuum packing machine are optional for the packing of the end product.

automatic vegetable packing machine

The Case of Vegetable Processing Line for Client

1.Vegetable Picking
Trimming Machine
vegetable picking and trimming machine

Power :0.55kw

leaf vegetable

2.Vegetable Slicing

vegetable slicing machine
Power :1.1kw

vegetable cut by vegetable cutting machine

3.Bubble Washing
Machine A
bubble vegetable washing machine

Power :1.87kw/380v

vegetable washing

4.Bubble Washing
Machine B
bubble vegetable washing machine

Power :1.87kw/380v

vegetable washing

5.Centrifugal Dewatering

centrifugal vegetable dewatering machine

Power :2.2kw

dewatered vegetables

6.Seasoning and Mixing
vegetable seasoning and mixing machine

Power :1.1kw

seasoned vegetables

7. Automatic Packaging
automatic vegetable packaging machine

Model: AMS-10
Power: 5kw
Dimension: 2100x2500x3000m

packaged vegetables

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