Ginger Shredder Machine

Ginger shredder machine can cut fresh ginger and pickled ginger into strips. Also suitable for cutting other vegetables and fruits. Ginger shreds can be used for making pickled ginger, candied ginger, ginger fries, etc.



Ginger Shredder Machine Introduction

Ginger shredder machine is used for cutting fresh ginger and pickled ginger into strips. Like ginger slicing machine, ginger shredder machine is also a kind of ginger cutting machine with high accuracy employing Japanese technology and further improved. Ginger slices sliced by ginger slicer machine are put into the ginger julienne machine to get shredded ginger. This ginger processing machine is also suitable for cutting other vegetables and fruits, such as radish, carrot, etc. It is a necessary equipment for vegetable processing.

Features of Shredded Ginger Cutter Machine

1. Advance technology, stainless steel construction, long service life.
2. Easy operation, high accuracy, large capacity.
3. The specification of the shredded ginger cut by the ginger cutter can be adjusted freely.
4. The shredded ginger has a smooth surface and won’t stick to the blade of the ginger shredder machine.
5. This ginger julienne machine is suitable for food processing plant, catering industry, etc.

Technical Parameters of Ginger Shredder Machine

Model AMS-KR805E
Power 1.7 kW
Capacity 400-800 kg/h
Dimension 1460*810*1240 mm
Weight 280 kg

Tips: We also supply other ginger processing machine such as ginger spray washing machine, brush type ginger washing and peeling machine, rotary drum ginger washing and peeling machine, ginger drying machine, ginger powder making machine, ginger chopping machine, ginger paste making machine,  ginger juicer machine, etc.

Uses of Ginger Shreds

pickled ginger strip shredded ginger tea candied ginger strips

1. Ginger shreds can be added to water to make ginger tea.
2. Ginger strips are used for making pickled ginger. The strip-cut pickled ginger is called “Sengiri Shoga” in Japanese, used for making various types of Japanese food such as toppings of noodles.
3. Ginger strips are used for making candied ginger, which are healthy snacks for both children and adults.
4. Ginger julienne can be deep-fried with a frying machine used as a garnish.

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