Garlic Paste Making Machine

Garlic paste grinder machine is designed to process garlic into muddy or pasty product; it is also can work as paste or mud cutting machine for many other vegetables and fruits. And the machine has perfect processing effect to remain original properties of the products.



Garlic Paste Making Machine Introduction

Garlic paste has a broad range of culinary applications. To eliminate the heavy work of grinding garlic for paste in bulk, a mechanical garlic paste making machine is necessary. And we are able to manufacture and supply premium quality garlic paste making machine for producing garlic paste/mud, with modern technology and the quality components used.

garlic paste grinding machinegarlic ginger paste

Garlic Mud Grinding Machine Parameters

Model AMS-CN300 AMS-CN500
Output 300-500kg/h 600-1000kg/h
Power/Voltage 3kw/380v 5.5kw/380v
Weight 60kg 130kg
Size 780*410*1030mm 860*510*1280mm

Applications of Garlic Mud Cutter Machine

1. It is the basic machine for all types of garlic-based products.
2. As the necessary equipment for vegetables and fruits deep processing, this garlic paste grinding machine is widely applied in the production of chili sauce, tomato sauce, fruit sauce, and vegetable noodles, etc.

fruit vegetable paste

Garlic Paste Grinder Working Process

The garlic grinder machine has working blades which are rotating at high speed to cut raw materials into small pieces till muddy and pasty.

Garlic Paste Making Machine Features

1. Integrating the function of mincing, grinding, mashing.
2. As the special machine for producing mud and paste products, it is available for various vegetables and fruits, such as garlic, ginger, carrot, chili, apple, strawberry.
3. The fineness of finished products is adjustable as required.
4. The final product will not lose its natural properties as its flavor and nutrient value are retained.
5. Provided in stainless steel, according to with hygienic standards and ensuring a long service life.
6. Easy to operate with high efficiency and stable working condition.

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