Small Olive Pitting Machine

Olive pitting machine is utilized to remove seeds from olives with good appearance and save much more labor and time. Automatic olive core removing machines are widely used in fruit processing factories for pitting other stone fruit.


Small Automatic Olive Pitting Machine Introduction

Automatic olive pitting machine is designed to remove seeds from olives with good appearance after being removed from seeds, which solves the problem that olive cores are difficult to be pitted in the olive processing industry. Amisy automatic olive core removing machine can perfectly finish the removing process and save much more labor and time, so olive processing industry is no longer manual olive smash. Our olive pitter machine makes dramatic improvements in fruit core removing with advanced, precise and stable performance, therefore the automatic olive pitting machines are widely used in olive processing factories.

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Technical Parameters of Olive Core Remover

Machine Olive Pitter Machine
Power/ voltage 1.5kw/ 380v
Olive diameter range 10-40 mm
Capacity 200kg/ hr
Weight 300kg
Dimension 2500*1100*1100 mm

Features of Olive Pitting Machine

1. Olive pitter machine can work automatically and continually, which avoid the time-consuming and high cost of labor.
2. Perfect core removing. Olives are with good appearance after seeds are removed.
3. Reasonable structure and good design. It is made of stainless steel to ensure a long lifespan.
4. High efficiency, low power consumption, environmental friendly
5. Mobile convenience. The mobile wheels are installed at the bottom of the machine, which can move the equipment anywhere.

olive pitting process by olive pitter machine

Why Choose Amisy Olive Core Removing Machine?

Old olive pitting machine works depending on traditional core removing, which can not exactly remove the` olive core. Both ends of the olive core are very sharp, so it is difficult for extruding needles to a position on the ends of olives. So good pitting effect cannot be easily achieved. However, Amisy automatic olive core removing machine can help you to achieve good pitting effect easily.

The Superiority of Amisy Fruit Pitting Machine 

Our automatic fruit core removing machine can perfectly to separate the cores from the fruit pulps. Compared with old olive pitter machine, there are following improvements in our pitting machine.
1. The belt conveyor is modified to equip with precise and one-to-one fruit transverse mold different from the former vertical mold with porous fruit load.
2. The removing method has changed into horizontal core removing principle, which is more efficient than the former method-vertical core removing.
3. By our pitter machine, every olive can be located at the center of the olive core to achieve accurate and efficient core removing. Thus, intact olive appearance can be achieved.
4. Based on customers demands, the pitter machine can be made of semi-stainless steel or full stainless steel. Compact structure, good appearance and precise core removing, our pitter machine is adapted to the fruit processing industry.

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