Vegetable Cooking Blanching Machine

Vegetable cooker machine and blancher machine are both for pre-cooking and sterilizing, indispensable equipment before quick-freezing and dehydration in pre-treatment line. Manual discharging and automatic discharging are available.


Automatic Vegetable Cooking Blanching Machine Introduction

Automatic cooking machine and blanching machine are both the equipment to cook and blanch food by steam to soften food, destroy enzyme, remove a strong strange taste and etc.. These two machines are both featured with full-automatic digital control, automatic temperature-control, double insulation, easy operation, fast heating and full stainless steel made. The only difference between vegetable cooking machine and vegetable blanching machine are: the cooking machine is covered with a lid for higher temperature, and blanching machine just need low temperature for its operation without a lid covered.
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Applications of Automatic Cooking Machine and Blanching Machine

Cooker machine and blancher machine are both for pre-cooking and sterilizing, indispensable equipment before quick-freezing and dehydration in pre-treatment line. Therefore these two machines are widely utilized for vegetable fixing, prophase processing of potato chips, potato chips color care, pretreatment of peeling chicken feet and other cooked food.

food can be blanched by our blanching machine

Common Features of Cooking Machine and Blanching Machine

1. Made of 304 stainless steel, high quality, and no rust.
2. Adopt special basket type design, which makes easy operation.
3. Equipped with double-layer to keep food warm and automatic temperature control.
4. Applied to all kinds of foods and vegetables.
5. Safe and reliable operation, high capacity and energy saving.
6. Enzyme inhibitory, color protection, timely dehydration, and cooling, composing a complete and coherent
7. Two types of discharging are available: manual discharging and automatic discharging.

Main Working Steps of Food Cooker Machine/Blancher Machine

Inject water to the equipment till it fills 50% of the total volume. Turn on the power switch, and put the food into the charging basket after the water is heated to the desired temperature. Then our whole blanching process begins.
Functions of Food Cooker Machine/Blancher Machine
●During the cooking or blanching, the enzyme in food will be destroyed and microbial loads will be reduced. Thus, food safety will greatly be improved.
●For some ready-to-eat meat and poultry, they will be pre-cooked in cooking or blanching.
●For nuts, cooking or blanching can facilitate peeling or kill microbes.
●Depending on the food requirement for temperature, you can choose the cooking machine for higher temperature or blanching machine for lower temperature.

blanched vegetables

Technical Parameters of Vegetable Blanching Machine

Model Machine Type Power/Voltage Weight Size(mm)
AMS-PT1000 Manual discharging 15kw/380v 50kg 1310*650*700
AMS-PT1500 Manual discharging 18kw/380v 80kg 1780*650*700
AMS-PT2000 Manual discharging 30kw/380v 120kg 2320*650*700
AMS-DPT1200 Automatic discharging 27kw/380v 210kg 1600*1050*1200
AMS-DPT1500 Automatic discharging 40.5kw/380v 230kg 1900*1050*1200
AMS-DPT2000 Automatic discharging 54kw/380v 280kg 2350*1050*1200
AMS-DPT1200Y Automatic discharging 63kw/380v 500kg 1660*1490*1500
AMS-DPT1500Y Automatic discharging 79kw/380v 580kg 1680*2050*1500


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