Screw-type Cleaner and Peeler Machine

Large capacity screw-type cleaning and peeling machine is an updated version of brush-type washing and peeling machine. Employed screw feeding, it can process round-shaped and oval-shaped vegetables and fruits automatically and continuously.


Screw-type Cleaner and Peeler Machine Introduction

The screw-type cleaner and peeler machine consists of a motor, transmission, brush rollers, etc. This machine is widely used for cleaning and peeling round-shaped and oval-shaped vegetables and fruits; it is available for automatic and continuous processing, and working with the production line.

screw vegetable washing peeler machine

Screw-type Cleaning and Peeling Machine Highlights

1. It is an updated version of brush-type washing and peeling machine with large processing capacity; available for customization as required.
2. Equipped with spiral blades that are able to do full-automatic screw feeding.

spiral blades for automatic feeding materials

3. There is waste collecting tank at the bottom of the machine for waste collection after washing and peeling, to ensure pure processing effect.
4. Its brush roller is made of specially-processed nylon threads, which is durable with good wear resistance. (If using the soft brush, it can realize an effect of polishing and waxing for vegetables and fruits.)
5. Having high-pressure spray heads built in, to wash waste out during operation.
6. The machine body is constructed of high-quality stainless steel, corrosion-resistant, and hygiene.
7. It is designed and built for long years of service with minimal maintenance.
8. Well-formed with easy operation, high efficiency, and low energy consumption.

Screw-type Washer and Peeler Machine with Elevator

Our screw-type washer and peeler machine for vegetables and fruits can be provided with an elevator that has the stone-sinking device. The operator places products in the elevator, and the product will have a full soaking in the water. So that the mud on the product can be cleaned easily, at the same time, the sand and small stones in the product can be filtered, which is a helpful step for the following cleaning and peeling. Screw-type washing and peeling machine with elevator reduces labor intensity efficiently, improves peeling effect and capacity a lot.

Screw-type Washing and Peeling Machine Technical Data

Model AMS-LMQT-1000 AMS-LMQT-2000 AMS-LMQT-3000
Output 1000kg/h 2000kg/h 3000kg/h
Power/Voltage 2.75kw/380v 3.75kw/380v 4.55kw/380v
Weight 320kg 420kg 520kg
Dimension 3050*800*1600mm 3050*900*1600mm 3050*1000*1600mm

Cassava Peeling Machine Working Video

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