Rotary Drum Fruit Vegetable Grading Machine

Rotary Drum fruit vegetable grading machine take advantage of the screen mesh size to sort fruits and vegetables, suitable for grading round or oval shape fruits and vegetables like potato, onion, tomato,mushrooms, grapes, oranges, apples and other round food.


Rotary Drum Vegetable Fruit Grading Machine Introduction

Rotary drum root vegetable grader machine is applied to sort round or oval shape fruits and vegetables according to the size of screen mesh. The grader machine can also be named as the nuts rotary sorter because it can complete nut sorting by working drums with other hole sizes for nuts calibration. To meet the customers’ demands, we are engaged in offering different rotary grading machines. All of our machines are well designed by experts and efficient workers, so as to achieve high-quality products with highly durable and cost-effective.

best rate drum type fruit vegetable grader machine

Rotary Drum Fruit Vegetables Grading Machine Features

1. The inside and outside of the rotary drum, the outlet, and other parts are polished, which reduces damage on fruits and vegetables.
2. The sorting machine is made of stainless steel in order to wash it conveniently after finishing the working.
3. It finishes all the processes from transporting to sorting automatically, which increases efficiency and saves labors a lot.
4. The angle of rotary drum inclination can be adjusted, and the screen diameter of the hole can also be customized based on customers’ demands.
5. Equipped with adjustable-speed motor and collision chock.
6. Able to adjust the rotary speed to reduce the collision depending on the property of fruits/vegetables.
7. Take advantage of the screen mesh size to sort fruits and vegetables, suitable for sorting round or oval shape fruits and vegetables,  such as nuts, mushrooms, water chestnuts, grapes, and other round materials.

fruit and vegetabls graded by commercial vegetable grader machine

Working Principle of Vegetables Fruit Rotary Sorter 

Rotary drum grader machine is made of stainless steel, and the sieving screen is punched and then processed,  in order to protect fruits/vegetables from damage during the sorting. The screen diameter of the hole can be customized based on customers’ demands. Fruits or vegetables after cleaning are transported into the grader machine by the elevator. Under the function of the transmission equipment, the rotary drum keeps running, thus fruits/vegetables will be classified.

jujube sorting machine

Parameters of Rotary Drum Root Vegetable Grader Machine

Model AMS-FJ3600 AMS-FJ4600
Power/voltage 0.75kw/380v 1.1kw/380v
Dimension(mm) 3600*1100*1500 4600*1200*1600
Weight 280 kg 360 kg
Capacity 1-2T/h 2-3T/h
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