Automatic Fruit Grading Machine

Fruits and vegetables grading sorting machine is the best classification system by weight sorting for agricultural products , suitable for sorting apples, persimmons, onions, potatoes, lemons, mangoes, pomelo, and other round fruits.


Automatic Fruit Vegetable Grading Machine Introduction

Automatic fruit vegetable grading machine, adopting balance and lever principle, is utilized to classify fruits and vegetables by weight. Amisy fruit sorter machine is characterized by accurate weighing precision, adjustable sorting grade and etc., and it is widely used for sorting apples, pears, persimmons, and other round fruits. Therefore our sorting machine is the best classification system of agricultural products equipment.
fruit grader sorting machine

Features of Automatic Fruit Sorting Machine

1. Advanced design, steel structure with long service life, convenient to move and easy to maintain.
2. Fruit sorter machine is automatic, saving labor and time, and controlled by PLC, easy to operate.
3. The sorting grade can be adjusted based on your demands.
4. High output, low power consumption and low noise.
5. Durable and well design fruit plate, no damage to the fruit.
6. In the automatic transmission, fast accurate measurement and correct classification for various grades of fruits and vegetables.
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Working Principle of Fruit Vegetable Grading Machine

The fruit sorting machine adopts balance and lever principle and takes advantage of the container weight and the weighing capacity set by the weight equipment. The weight classification will be achieved by the shifting and weighing in the movement. During the full-automatic transmission, the sorting machine grades the fruits or vegetables quickly and accurately. Besides the accurate classification, the sorter machine does not hurt fruits or vegetables with high efficiency and easy operation.

fruit sorting machine working processes

Wide Application of Automatic Fruit Sorting Machine

Our fruit sorting machine is widely applied in fruit planting base, fruit processing plants, orchard, fresh fruit and vegetable storeroom, refrigeration storage, fruit processing company, fruit and vegetable supermarket, food processing plants, food refrigerators and etc. It is commonly used for sorting spherical fruits like apples, potatoes, mangoes, and etc..

Parameters of Automatic Fruit Sorting Machine

Capacity 7200pcs/h 7200pcs/h 9600pcs/h 9600pcs/h 18000pcs/h
Power 220v/0.3kw 220v/0.3kw 220v/0.75kw 220v/0.75kw 220v/1.3kw
Feeding System Labor feeding Automatic feeding Labor feeding Automatic feeding Automatic feeding
Fruit Weight Range 10-2000g 10-2000g 10-2000g 10-2000g 10-2000g
Grade Level 10 10 10 10 10
Dimension(mm) 3000*1200*1100 3000*1200*1100 4500*1400*1100 4500*1400*1100 5200*1400*1100
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