Amisy Machinery always focuses on the design and manufacture quality vegetable fruit processing equipment and offers complete vegetable fruit processing solutions to its customers. A close interaction with customers and the possibility of sharing process know-how have enabled Amisy to respond to the highest demands of the worldwide vegetable fruit industry. Customers worldwide are satisfied with its garlic machines,onion machines, vegetable fruit washing machines, cutting machines, etc.


Vegetable Powder Processing Insight Vegetable provides the necessary vitamin,mineral,dietary fibre for human body. Vegetable powder enhance nutrient utilization ratio largely, it is a good nutrient supplement for all ages and has wide applications.

Tomato Paste Production Line

We provide turnkey projects for small scale tomato paste production. On site service is available and the tomato processing machines in the tomato paste processing line can be customized according to your requirements.

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High Quality Machinery
Amisy Vegetable Machines help improve the competitive position of its customers by resulting in higher quality finished products.

Technical Support
You can get timely and detailed technical support on equipment installation and plant design from AMISY professionals.

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