Rotary Knife Vegetable Cutter Machine

Rotary vegetable cutting machine adopts the advanced digital technology, easy to operate, high efficiency, good effect. Suitable for cutting various kinds of vegetables into sections, slices or shreds.


Introduction of Rotary Vegetable Cutter Machine

Rotary vegetable cutter machine is newly designed vegetable cutting machine with digital technology. The commercial vegetable cutter adopts rotary cutter head to cut various vegetables. It is mainly used for cutting various stem leafy vegetables into sections, and long solid vegetables into slices or shreds. With low energy consumption, hygienic and high cutting efficiency, digital vegetable cutter machine is an ideal equipment for the vegetable processing industry.

rotary knife vegetable cutting machine for sale

Technical Parameters of Multifunctional Rotary Vegetable Cutter Machine

Model AMS-XQC2000
Power 1.65 kW
Capacity 400-2000 kg/h
Weight 145 kg
Dimension 1200*660*1000 mm

Wide Applications of Automatic Vegetable Cutter Machine

* Stem leafy vegetables: celery, scallion, cabbage, spinach, etc.
* Long hard vegetables: potato, radish, carrot, cucumber, zucchini, eggplant, etc.
* Suitable for school, hotel, restaurant, vegetable processing plant, food processing plant, etc.
* The machine is also suitable for processing fruit, aquatic product, fried food, bean products, cooked meat, etc.
rotary vegetable cutter machine application for vegetable fruit commercial

Commercial Vegetable Cutter Machine Features

1. The whole machine is made of stainless steel, healthy and durable in use.
2. Adopt advanced digital panel, convenient to operate.
3. High cutting efficiency, smooth cutting surface, low error in length, uniform slices thickness.
4. Humanized design: the wheels make the machine easily movable.

Working Principle of Automatic Vegetable Cutter Machine

When the vegetable cutting machine works, put the vegetables on the conveyor belt. The belt will convey the vegetables to the feeding inlet. The high speed rotating cutter will cut the vegetables into sections or slices. The speed of the conveyor belt can be adjusted through the digital knob so that to adjust the cutting length of the vegetables.


1. Silt and other foreign matter should not be mixed in the vegetables so that to avoid the damage of the cutter.
2. No maintenance when the power of the automatic vegetable cutter machine is on.
3. Don’t wash the commercial vegetable cutter directly with the water pipe.
4. The machine should not be bumped, inclined or inverted during transportation.
5. For a long time no use, please store the machine in a dry environment without corrosive gas.

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