Directional Vegetable Cutting Machine

Directional vegetable cutting machine simulates hand-cutting principle with an extra forced directional device. Advanced technology, good cutting quality. Especially suitable for potato, pumpkin, etc.


Multifunctional Directional Vegetable Cutting Machine Introduction

Directional vegetable cutting machine is designed by simulating hand-cutting principle with an extra forced directional device. The industrial vegetable cutting machine is the special multifunctional equipment for cutting vegetables, fried food, and other food into slices, dices, cubes, shreds, crinkles, etc. You can cut different shapes by changing the cutters. For cutting the potato, sweet potato, pumpkin into cubes or dices, it will be more efficient, convenient maintenance and better cutting quality used together with our stripping cutting machine.

directional vegetable cutting machine working process

Technical Data of Directional Vegetable Cutting Machine

Model AMSDQS-800A
Power 1.1 kW
Capacity 400-1000 kg/h
Weight 180 kg
Dimension 1745*580*1030 mm

Directional Vegetable Cutter Machine Features

1. Adopt advanced technologies of the intermittent stepless adjusting mechanism, eccentric vibration mechanism, and reciprocating mobile mechanism. Suitable for cutting of 1-30 mm.
2. The vegetable shredder machine is simple to operate with strong adaptability.
3. The cut vegetables have smooth surface, regular shape, intact tissue, keeping the hand-cutting effect.
4. Equipped with a channel for channeling the materials to move forward orderly.

details of directional vegetable cutter machine

Directional Vegetable Cutting Machine Application

1. The industrial vegetable cutting machine is suitable for cutting vegetables, fried food and other food. Especially suitable for dicing, cubing, slicing and shredding potato, sweet potato, pumpkin, chive, cooked meat, etc.
2. This industrial vegetable cutter is widely used in the vegetable processing plant, canteen, hotel, restaurant, etc.
vegetable cuts by directional vegetable cutter

Precautions for Using Directional Vegetable Cutting Machine

1. Please turn off the power before maintaining the industrial vegetable cutter.
2. Clean the vegetables beforehand and remove the foreign matter, so that to protect the cutter of the vegetable shredder machine.
3. The switch, motor and power line should not be broken to avoid moisture and water infiltration.
4. Stop the industrial vegetable cutter instantly in case there is any abnormal sound. Check and eliminate the failure before using again.

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