Potato Peeling and Cutting Machine

Potato peeling and cutting machine can peel, wash and cut potatoes and other solid vegetables into slice, shred or strip. Operation and maintenance can be done easily.


Potato Peeling and Cutting Machine Introduction

Potato peeling and cutting machine is an integrated machine for peeling, washing and cutting the potato and other solid vegetables and fruits like sweet potato, taro, carrot, kiwi fruit, etc. The cut shapes by the fruit and vegetable cutting machine can be the slice, shred or strip. Potato peeler and cutter machine can peel or cut the potato independently or at the same time. One person can operate the machine, saving a lot of manpower and time.
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Features of Potato Peeler and Cutter Machine

1. Potato peeler slicer machine is made of stainless steel, hygiene and durable in use.
2. The thickness of the end product cut by the fruit and vegetable cutting machine can be adjusted from 1-10 mm.
3. The slices, shreds, and strips have good shape and smooth surface.
4. Fruit vegetable peeling machine adopts emery grinding principle, having high peeling rate and low loss.

potato peeler cutter machine

Working Principle of Potato Peeling and Cutting Machine

Put the potatoes or other vegetables into the grinding barrel, and meanwhile turn on the tap. The rotating grinding plate will turn the potatoes constantly. By contacting with the emery and mutual friction between the potatoes, the aim of peeling will be achieved. The skins are rinsed off by water and flow out through the water outlet. Open the gate at the material outlet and the peeled potatoes will flow into the cutting barrel. The end product will fall off from the material outlet at the cutting part. The scrap will be discharged through another outlet of the potato peeler and slicer machine.
working process of potato peeling cutting machine

Attention on the Operation of Potato Peeler and Slicer Machine:

1. Before operating the potato peeler and cutter machine, remember to check whether the rotating direction is towards the knife edge.
2. Salt grains and other hard objects should not be mixed in the materials so that to avoid damaging the cutter or causing other failures.
3. Clean the fruit and vegetable peeling machine after every shift, clean the cutter and daub it with edible oil to prevent rust.

Potato Peeling and Cutting Machine Specification

Model AMS-QS400-10 AMS-QS400-30
Power 0.75 kW 1.1 kW
Capacity 100 kg/h 200 kg/h
Weight 100 kg 130 kg
Dimension 880*510*980 mm 1130*660*1130 mm 
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