Grape Destemmer and Crushing Machine

Grape crusher and destemmer machine can complete destemming, cleaning, crushing and conveying continuously. It can be customer-made for processing various berry fruits, and widely used in wine making plant.


Description of Grape Destemmer Crusher Machine

Grape destemmer crusher machine is the ideal pre-processing equipment for winemaking industry. This machine can separate grapefruit and stem, clean the stem, crush the grape and send the grape pulp for further processing. The whole machine is made of stainless steel materials, and machine models are available for customers to choose which ranges from 5 t/h to 30 t/h.
grape destemmer and crusher machine for sale

Features of Grape Destemming Smashing Machine

1. After being input into the step-less feeding screw, the grape is conveyed first to the stem separating device and then the grape smashing equipment. Spiral quantitative delivery. In order to satisfy different wine production, the grape could be directly fermented after destemmed.
2. The stem remover part:
The stem removing device is equipped with a rotary shaft, and the rotation speed of it is adjusted according to different grape varieties. Strong adaptability to the grape variety. What’s more, there is a screen around the rotary shaft for filtering grape, and the diameter of the screen’s round holes are customized according to the grape size. All you need to do is providing the maximum and minimum size of grape before ordering.
3. The crushing part:
Grape crushing equipment has the crusher rollers which are made of highly elastic and non-toxic rubber. Easy operation and no damage to the grape cores. Please note: the crushing equipment can be quickly opened, which is convenient for machine’s internal cleaning.
4. The convey part:
After crushing, grape could be conveyed by the mobile screw pump at a height of 10 meters and level distance of 80 meters.
working steps of grape destmming crushing machine

Working Principle of Grape Stemmer Press Machine

The grape stemmer press machine adopts the principle of screw inlet feeding, blades stemming on the revolving shaft, rollers crushing and screw pump conveying. Firstly, the grape is conveyed at a constant speed to stem separating drum through screw feeding hopper. Then, the grape stems would be cut by blades on the shaft of revolving drum and the stems are thrown away from the outlet hopper. (The destemming blades are arranged in spirals and high speed rotate in the same direction.) After stemming, the grape falls into the crushing plant below from filter screen’s round holes. Next, the grape is smashed by the rotary extrusion of two crush rollers in juice container. Finally, the grape pulp could be conveyed by the mobile screw pump for further processing.
detailed structure of grape-destemming crushing machine

Grape Destemmer Breaker Application

1. Grape destemming and breaking machine could be operated with grape selecting machine, double screw press machine, filter, and wine fermentation machine for processing grape wine.
2. The stem removing pulping machine can be used for processing berry fruits such as grape, blueberry, raspberry, strawberry, etc. And the rotary screen is customer-made according to product’s size.
3. As one of the important procedures for the pre-treatment of wine or juice production, grape destemmer breaker machine is highly liked in small and medium grape wine manufacturing factory, fruit juice store.

Technical Parameters for Grape Crusher and Destemmer

Product model JCP-5 JCP-10 JCP-20 JCP-30
Production capacity(t/h) 5-6 7-10


15-20 25-30
Sifting screen aperture(mm) 20-35 20-35 20-35 20-35
Crush roller interval 3-15 3-15 3-15 3-15
Stemming motor power 1.5 2.2 3 4
Crushing motor power 0.75


1.1 1.1 1.5
Weight (main engine) (kg) 578 765 935 1025
1816*710*1352 2240*864*1574 2590*910*1620 2740*1040*178


Screw pump



  JCP-5 JCP-10 JCP-20 JCP-30
motor power (KW) 3 5.5 7.5 15
outlet pipe diameter (mm) 75 100 100 100
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