Banana Slicing Machine

Banana Slicing Machine Introduction
Banana slicing machine is an ideal machine for cutting banana into slices. Banana slices cut by this machine can be round or diagonal shape; the number, diameter and angle of the feeding inlet can be made-to-order, meeting different needs of customers. With high slicing efficiency, banana slicer works perfect in banana chips production line. Besides, the slicer machine is also suitable for cutting other fruits and vegetables, such as apple, lemon, potato, etc.

banana slicing machine

Banana Slicing




Plantain Slicer Machine Working Principle
Banana slicing machine is very easy to operate. When the plantain slicing machine works, put the peeled banana into the feed inlet, it will be sliced by the high speed rotating cutter and banana slices will come out from the outlet of the plantain slicer.

Features of Banana Chips Cutting Machine

1. The plantain slicer machine is wholly made of stainless steel, very durable in use.
2. Easy operation, high output, greatly reducing the labor cost.
3. Low energy consumption, stable performance.
4. The slicing thickness can be adjusted freely by increasing or decreasing the spacers.
5. Banana/plantain slices cut by this slicer are round or diagonal shape with uniform thickness.

Banana Slicer Machine Wide Applications

1. Banana chips cutting machine can be used independently or in the banana/plantain chips production line.
2. Besides banana, banana cutting machine is also suitable for slicing other fruits and vegetables such as apple, pineapple, lemon, kiwi fruit, potato, sweet potato, cassava, carrot, cucumber, etc.

Banana Slicing Machine Technical Parameters

0.75 kw
300-600 kg/h
90 kg
540*820*1060 mm

Video of Amisy Commercial Banana Slicer Machine


Product Name: Banana Slicing Machine