Multifunctional Potato Cutting Machine

Potato Cutting Machine Introduction
Potato cutting machine can cut potato and other root vegetables and fruits into slices, crinkled slice, strips and shreds, the thickness can be adjusted by increasing or decreasing spacers, having wide applications and multiple functions. It is a necessary machine for potato chips and french fries production, and an ideal choice for fruits and vegetables processing.

AMS-QS400 potato cutter machine

AMS-QS400B potato cutting machine for potato chips &french fries

AMS-QS600B potato cutting machine

* AMS-QS600C and AMS-QS1000B models are cassava cutting machines designed for cutting cassava, kudzu root and other large root vegetables and fruits. Advanced technology, high efficiency.
* AMS-QS2000C fruit and vegetable cutting machine is specially designed for large scale fruits and vegetables processing plant. The machine is equipped with elevator, realizing automatic and even feeding.

Potato Cutting Machine Structure

Potato Chips Cutting Machine Features
1. Adopt centrifugal working principle, low vibration, long service life.
2. Compact structure, easy and hygiene operation, high output.
3. The thickness of the strips and chips cut by this machine can be adjusted from 1-10 mm.
4. The strips and chips cut by this machine have uniform thickness.

Wide Application of Fruit and Vegetable Cutting Machine
1. Potato cutting machine is ideal in potato chips production line or french fries production line.
2. Potato chips cutting machine is also suitable for cutting sweet potato, taro, radish, carrot, eggplant, kiwi fruit and other root vegetables and fruits.
3. Potato cutting machine is suitable for vegetable processing plant, restaurant, canteen, hotel, etc.

Potato and Sweet Potato Cut by Potato Cutting Machine

How to Operate Potato Chips Cutting Machine?
Before operating the potato slicer machine, decide whether to cut slices or strips. If you need slices, take out the strip-cutting knife box and fix the spare board to where the strip-cutting knife was. Turn on the power switch and put the clean and peeled potatoes consecutively into the feed inlet. Then the potato slices will come out from the outlet of the potato slicing machine. During cutting, add a little water into the outlet of the slicer machine, you will get better end products.

French Fries Cutting Machine Maintenance
1. In case the potato shredding machine whirls less rapidly or less powerfully, check and adjust the tightness of the V-belt.
2. After every shift, clean the knives and daub them by edible oil, remove the waste residue in the whirling bucket.
3. Clean the residue outlet at the back of the potato shredding machine timely.
4. Check if the knives are tight and fasten the screws on the shell of the fruit cutting machine regularly.
5. It’s strictly forbidden to put metal, stone, wood and other hard objects in the feed inlet of the fruit cutting machine to avoid damaging the cutter.

Technical Parameters of Potato Cutting Machine

0.75 kw
200 kg/h
60 kg
650 * 510 * 700 mm
0.75 kw
400 kg/h
70 kg
745 * 590 * 885 mm
1.5 kw
800 kg/h
100 kg
1030 * 910 * 990 mm
1.5 kw
1000 kg/h
120 kg
820 * 760 * 1000 mm
1.5 kw
1000 kg/h
120 kg
1030 * 910 * 990 mm
3 kw
3000 kg/h
280 kg
1250 * 1240 * 1500 mm
3.37 kw
2500 kg/h
320 kg
2800 * 1080 * 1900 mm
Product Name: Multifunctional Potato Cutting Machine