Ginger Slicing Machine

Ginger Slicing Machine Introduction

Amisy ginger slicing machine for ginger processing

Ginger slicing machine adopts Japanese technology and then is improved by us. The ginger slicer machine has high accuracy and the ginger slice thickness error is less than 0.1 mm. Ginger slices cut by this ginger cutting machine have uniform thickness and smooth surface. It is a necessary equipment for ginger processing. We also supply ginger shredding machine for shredding ginger. Ginger slices can be used for making candied ginger and pickled ginger.

How to Clean the Working Part of the Ginger Slicer Machine?

First remove the lid and the cutter, then loosen the bolts and lift up the disc and remove from the machine, thus the disc and inside of the ginger machine can be cleaned easily.

Features of Ginger Slicer Machine

1. Main parts of the machine adopt high quality stainless steel, and the cutter is made of chromium alloy stainless steel.
2. The cutting is clean and the slices are uniform and nice in shape.
3. The thickness of the ginger slices can be easily adjusted by the knob. The range is 0mm to 8 mm.
4. Through adjusting the cover up and down can prevent residue from accumulating.

Technical Parameters of Ginger Slicing Machine

0.75 kw/380v
300-600 kg/h
950*660*1150 mm
200 kg

Uses of Ginger Slices

Crystallized ginger slices
Crystallized ginger

pickled ginger slices
Pickled ginger

dried ginger slices
Dried ginger slices

1. Ginger slice is added to boiled water to make ginger tea, sweetened with honey or lemon.
2. Ginger slice can be used to rub the skin to improve skin complexion or remove skin tags. Ginger slice can be added to smoothies to help fight acne.
3. Ginger slice can be pickled in vinegar and sugar. Pickled ginger, called gari in Japan, serves as a palate cleanser between bites of sushi.
4. Ginger slices can be used to make crystallized ginger, also known as candied ginger. Ginger is cooked in sugar syrup and then coated with granulated sugar. Crystallized ginger is commonly used in desserts.


Product Name: Ginger Slicing Machine