Fresh Ginger Garlic Slicing Machine

Fresh Ginger Garlic Slicing Machine Introduction
Fresh ginger garlic slicing machine is used to cut ginger, garlic and onion into slices. It is also suitable for cutting other root vegetables and fruits. The ginger/garlic/onion slicing machine can be used independently or with production line. It is currently the most advanced ginger and garlic processing equipment in China.

Amisy Fresh Ginger/Garlic/Onion Slicing Machine

Cutting Knives of Ginger/Garlic Slicing Machine

Fresh Ginger Garlic Slicing Machine Technical Parameters

0.75 kw/220v
200 kg/h
80 kg
720*540*880 mm
1.1 kw/380v
500 kg/h
130 kg
970*700*1040 mm

Wide Application of Ginger Garlic Slicer Machine
1. Vegetable slicing machine: Ginger garlic slicer machine is suitable for processing ginger, garlic, onion, potato, sweet potato, taro, yam, mushroom, turnip, carrot, arrowhead, bamboo shoots, and other solid vegetables.
2. Fruit slicing machine: Ginger garlic slicer machine is suitable for processing apple, pear, kiwi fruit, dragon fruit, hawthorn, strawberry, and other solid fruits.
3. This ginger and garlic slicing machine is widely used in vegetable processing plant, food processing plant, condiment factory, restaurant, etc.

ginger and ginger slices

onion and onion slices

Fresh Ginger/Garlic Slicing Machine Features
1. This ginger/garlic/onion slicing machine is made of stainless steel, durable in use.
2. Easy operation, energy-saving, easy to maintain.
3. The finished ginger/garlic/onion slices have uniform thickness and smooth surface.
4. The thickness of the slices cut by this onion slicer can be adjusted freely.

How to Eat Ginger, Garlic, or Onion Slices?
1. Ginger slices can be used to make ginger tea, added to smoothies, made into pickled ginger or candied ginger.
2. Garlic slices can be dried, fried to make garlic chips, added to soups, salad, sauces, meat, etc.
3. Onion slices can be fried to make onion rings, baked, grilled, caramelized, or pickled, served with burgers, sandwiches, salads, meat, etc.


Product Name: Fresh Ginger Garlic Slicing Machine