Garlic Sorting Production Line

Garlic Sorting Production Line Overview
The garlic sorting production line consists of vibrating screen, belt conveyor and garlic grading machine. This garlic sorting line is mainly applied to finish grading the whole head of garlic by based on their sizes. It has stable working performance, so it is a good equipment for industrial garlic processing.

Amisy Garlic Grading Machine

Vibrating screen: it works by vibrating separation to remove the mud and the outermost layer of peel on the garlic
Belt conveyor: after the garlic is processed by vibrating screen, it works to deliver the garlic to the grading machine; its legs are dismountable for easy transportation.
Garlic sorting machine: it can finish 5-step process to sort the garlic into 6 grades. There are working holes of successively-increased sizes in every step; the garlic can drop from the working hole if its size is smaller than the hole size, and then the grading is done. The processing step can be customized as required.

Garlic Grading Production Line Specification

Total Power 
Vibrating Screen Size
Conveyor Size
Sorting Machine Size
Total Weight

Garlic Sorting Production Line Features
1. The garlic grading line is working well for many other round/oval shape vegetables and fruits with small sizes, such as small potatoes, Chinese dates, hawthorn.
2. It is employing silica gel belt conveyor for delivering, so there is no damage to the processed products.
3. The garlic sorting machine is this line has 5-step process, so the garlic can be divided into 6 grades.
4. This production line is easy to move; and the processed grades is customizable as required.
5. Replacing manual picking and sorting, saving working time and labor.

Product Name: Garlic Sorting Production Line